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Making yourself a priority and creating the one thing money can’t buy – Time!

Date: April 30, 2018

Whether it’s your own life pursuits or others’ that keep you going around the clock with little time to spare, know that you’re not alone in the fight against time. I hear it all the time… “I don’t have time.” The truth is, this is no more than an excuse for the simple fact that you are not only able, but required to make your own time to work on yourself. Even if you go sunup to sundown, it is possible to prioritize your life and get your needs taken care of. The key is understanding that you shouldn’t be trying to find time, you need to make time.

How do you make time!? Here comes the first challenge of the week:

Make Time

1 . Assess your current daily routine, or if it fluctuates day-to-day assess the day prior, and identify times you may have to yourself or at least some flexibility. Do you have a lunch break? Is there a bit of time between appointments or running from one place to the next? Do you have to cook dinner? If you have children, what time do they wake-up or go to sleep?

2 . Once you’ve identified these potential open time slots, take note of how much time you have to spare. Understand that you can get an effective workout in or even prep a day’s worth of meals in under 30 mins.

3 .Now claim that time as your own! Make it yours by planning how you will spend it toward your goals. Here are a few examples to inspire you:

• Lunch break? Pack your kicks and a workout clothes for a quick 25 min HIIT circuit or take a walk close by work. Don’t want to sweat mid-day? Move onto the next period of time you identified and see what fits.

• Time between appointments or picking kids up from school/activities? Find an open space close to where you need to be and do a time-saving circuit or interval run/jog. Even 15-20 mins can equate to 200+ calories burned or strength gained depending on your goals and whether you want them bad enough.

• Cooking dinner at home? Find a low-maintenance meal to make, prep it, get it cooking, set the timer, and hit your HIIT circuit! Again, 25-30 mins can help you accomplish more than you think toward your goals.

If this still seems like an impossible task, you will need to do the very thing I recommend above all else – put yourself first! This means, set your alarm and make yourself the first thing you take care of, first thing in the morning. Don’t put it off – your chances of making time for you at the end of the day are less likely than that power-hour before anyone else can get your time. You just need to get up before anyone else. If you can go to sleep even 15-25 mins earlier the night before this will be a bonus for you and your energy levels! This is how you make time. With the time you’ve created for yourself, determine what is the most effective way to spend it. If you have time to catch the gym before work, perfect! If not, no worries, get yourself going with an at-home workout before other responsibilities creep in on your time.

The point is…. If you want it, you will make it happen!

To help take out some of the guesswork in filling the time you’ve made here are a couple at-home or non-gym based circuits to get you closer to your goals:

Deck of Cards Workout

Start with a full deck of cards turned face-down (or download a deck of cards app on your phone!)
Use the exercises below for each suit.
Flip a card.
The number value on the card is how many reps you need to perform (e.g., 9 of Hearts is 9 burpees)
Once the reps are complete, immediately flip the next card.
The goal is to complete the deck, or at least get as far into it as possible in the amount of time you have.

Hearts – burpees
Diamonds – squat jumps
Clubs – push-ups
Spades – sit-ups

*face cards = 10 reps

Interval Run/Jog Workout

*Hold anything convenient in your hands (such as water bottles) and be sure to move your arms in motion as you complete the intervals.

Begin with a 10 min brisk walk.

After this warm-up, run (75% of your max running ability) for 30 sec, then slow to brisk walk speed for 1 min. Repeat this 10 times.

After this first set of intervals, run (75% of your max running ability) for 30 sec, then slow to jog speed for 30 sec. Repeat this 10 times.

For the last set of intervals, run (75% of your max running ability) for 15 sec, then slow to 50% of your max for 15 sec. Repeat this 10 times.

End your interval training with a 5 min walking cool down.

Go get it this week! Make time for yourself. Make your goals happen! Be sure to check back in Friday as I’ll be giving you more strategies and discussing the importance of self-care and recovery.

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1 comment on Making yourself a priority and creating the one thing money can’t buy – Time!

  1. April 30, 2018 at 9:21 pm

    In a world so busy. Thank you for taking time out of yours to do this. I workout on a regular basis 5× a week. But noticed since I turned 50 last year that I can’t lose weight. 1 or 2 lbs up and down. But csnt lose that 10lbs. That crept up.. I eat mostly paleo. 80/20… what else can I do. I’m afraid to incorporate to much carbs / grains .any suggestions..
    Thank you kindly


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