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Date: February 21, 2018

Getting motivated and setting goals to achieve

We’ve all fallen short of reaching our mark. We’ve joined gyms, fitness classes, bought all the gadgets and not-so-magic fixes and struggled through that “Day One” feeling swearing we’ll never fall off the wagon on our exercise regimen ever again — all to wind up succumbing to temptation and neglecting our goals.

After reading this, you have a choice…

Kick the excuses and apply the following steps I have spent most of my life mastering, OR find yourself repeating the vicious cycle of suffering through that “Day One” feeling of defeat over and over.

Step 1: Find your motivation, and make it your own

Whether you decide to do this solely on your own accord, or if the motivation is externally driven (e.g., friends/family influence, doctor’s recommendation) you absolutely must own your reasons for wanting to live a healthy lifestyle through fitness. Write down your reasons for starting, and what you’re losing out on, or who you’re letting down if you give up. Remind yourself of these things daily.

Step 2: Visualize your ultimate goal, and set checkpoints to map your way.

Write down the main goal you’re after. Give yourself a realistic timeline, then set small goals that will lead to achieving your end result. For example; if your goal is to lose 20 lbs, set a goal for changing your nutrition habits (e.g., eat 4-5 smaller, clean meals per day), and set a goal for your workouts (e.g., workout at least 5/7 days per week and increase to a daily routine).

Train The Calliet Way

Step 3: Identify triggers and potential threats to your success

Known food cravings, traps or distractions that will keep you from getting your workout in, people/places/things that may block your progress – write it ALL down! Under each of these, jot down the action you’ll take to swerve and stay on track when one blocks your path.

Step 4: Make your health a priority

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, “we all have the same 24hrs in a day”. There is truth to this; although not all time is created equal (i.e., juggling kids, work, school, or any time-consuming responsibilities), it is up to you to make adjustments to accommodate your goals and give time to your health. Whether it means getting up 30 mins earlier or sneaking a quick workout on your lunch break, you can absolutely make time for yourself in your day. Do it!

Step 5: Assess your progress, and trust the process

Change doesn’t happen overnight. However, you should be reflecting daily on your efforts and their results. What have you achieved? What can you improve upon? Hold yourself accountable for the results you’re after, and trust that sticking to your plan will get you to your goal.

Having a plan in place will undoubtedly get you closer to the results you desire. It’s crucial in pursuit of any goal to have a plan to follow and dedicate yourself to.

Whether you:
• Are new to the fitness journey and don’t know where to start
• Have struggled with past attempts and need structure
• Have plateaued in your results or are ready to get your best body yet

There is a Calliet Fitness Transformation package formulated to get you results! Let me push you to your next level #thecallietway

Train The Calliet Way

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  1. March 4, 2018 at 11:50 am
    Soulz Oruh

    Hi Corey..

    My name is Soulz and I’m a life and fitness coach,your articles have been inspiring and motivational to say the least,i have learnt a lot from you to fuel me enough to keep going…Thank You!


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